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Amy Elkins


Joey L


Julie Blackmon

United States

Justin Aversano

Los Angeles, CA

Kris Graves

Queens, NY

Richard Renaldi

New York, NY

Sally Davies

New York

The Quantum curation process

Quantum Art seeks to partner with the world's top photographic artists, collections, foundations and estates to bring their works to collectors of NFT artworks. The Quantum curatorial team, led by Kris Graves, collaborates with artists to define their optimal drop story, size, price and artwork selection.

How do I apply?

If you represent a collection or archive of historical significance, please reach out to share your ideas.

If you are an established artist working in a photography-based medium and would like to submit to Quantum Curated, please send the following info in your email to our team:

  • Twitter handle

  • Links to your current NFT artworks

  • Project Statement

  • For your proposed drop, please send between 10 - 15 images, formatted as jpegs, no larger than 1000 pixels on the long end within the email.

  • Artist Statement (optional)

  • Artist CV (optional)

*We are receiving numerous submissions per hour, please allow us time to get back to you in response.

Email: curation@quantum.art

Quantum Art

The first on chain platform focused solely on photographers and their work, by curating and dropping NFT collections.


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